All About Motorcycle Insurance For Young Drivers

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Motorcycle InsuranceIf you ride a motorcycle, you’ll need two things – a helmet with appropriate clothing, and insurance. If you’re under 25 years old and looking for the best deal on motorcycle insurance, you’re in for a bumpy ride. Motorcycle coverage for young drivers is available, find more relevant information here. We have some tips to help you navigate the sea of insurance options for young drivers.

Motorcycle Insurance is Mandatory

You need to purchase insurance before you can ride your motorcycle on public roadways in 48 of the 50 states, usually amounting to a minimum requirement of liability and uninsured motorist. Liability insurance covers property damage and injuries your motorcycle causes to other vehicles and people; uninsured motorist insurance pays you if an uninsured driver caused the accident. Signing up for this primary coverage may satisfy state regulations, but it won’t cover you if you slide your motorcycle into a tree. Of course, comprehensive motorcycle insurance, which covers all types of damage and theft, is considerably more expensive, especially for the under-25 crowd.

You Better Shop Around

As a rule of thumb, motorcycle insurance for an 18- to 25-year-old should cost about $500 or $600 a year, or about $50 a month deepening on the type of coverage you obtain. This is a ballpark figure for a young driver with a good driving record. Following are some factors that insurance companies consider when writing policies for young drivers:

Male or Female: In general, male motorcycle drivers cost more than females to cover, mainly because men are statistically more likely to get into vehicle accidents than women, and 18- to 25-year-olds are no exception.

Driving Record: A clean driving record is the most important factor when it comes to motorcycle insurance premiums. It will help get you low rates, but you have to continue driving safely to keep them low.

Academic Record: Better students get better insurance rates. This is due to studies showing that “A” students are involved in fewer accidents than “C” students.

Make and Model: Not all motorcycles were created equal. Some makes and models are more likely to get into accidents than others. Do some research before you purchase your bike to find the make and model that offers low insurance rates.

Location: Bikers are vulnerable to conditions of the elements and the terrain. For example, dessert areas with dry conditions and flat surfaces are much safer for motorcyclists than hilly terrain, curvy roads, and wet weather.

Riding Habits: Don’t forget to take advantage of discounts offered by most insurance companies for infrequent usage. If you only ride on weekends or ride below a certain number of miles every week, you’ll be eligible for lower insurance rates.

Young Women Riding a ScooterThere are several tricks to lowering your motorcycle insurance premiums. For one thing, you can save more than 10% just by paying your insurance once a year, instead of monthly. You can also find savings by increasing your deductible, installing anti-theft devices, taking a motorcycle safety course, parking your bike in a secure garage, and bundling your motorcycle insurance with other vehicles in your policy.

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